Anyone making an application for citizenship or maintaining it requires to pass a citizenship test. Goal of the test is to assess the person’s knowledge. In case one stops working in the composed test, they are required an interview and offered a chance to respond to the concerns orally.

USA is a multicultural society that includes approximate 170,000 permanent citizens as people. A regular application takes 15 to 19 months to get processed and it is a bit hard to get the citizenship. You need to prepare well to make it through the procedure.

Qualification Requirements

The first thing you need to be clear about is eligibility requirements. In general, the candidate should be at least 18 years old. When parents or guardians are looking for citizenship for a child, there are additional requirements. They must have permanent local for a minimum of 3 of the 4 previous years. They should also have knowledge of English or French and not have any prohibitions due to a criminal history.

Marriage to a person does not make you a resident. You need to very first obtain long-term resident status and then for citizenship. Law enables double citizenship also.

Citizenship Check

You likewise need to get ready for citizenship test. Anyone who is between the ages of 18 and 54, and satisfies the fundamental requirements for citizenship needs to take the test. One who is applying to maintain the citizenship likewise requires to appear in the test.

Goal of the test is to examine your understanding. Throughout the composed test or the interview, you have to respond to questions about:

* rights and obligations of a citizen
* elections treatments
* Physical and political geography
* Social and cultural history and symbols
* Political history

You usually get citizenship test letter about a month previously and the time is not enough to prepare well for the test. Candidates need to attend 20 several choice concerns, each with four possible answers. The response sheet is separate from the question sheet. You need to answer 80% of the concerns to pass the test. In case you fail to pass the composed test, you will need to stand for an interview (30-90 minutes) with a citizenship judge. You will be asked the test concerns orally to offer you another opportunity to demonstrate that you please the requirements of citizenship. Nevertheless, it is more difficult and it is better if you make it through it in the first attempt.

usa green cards There are people who have everything right for getting the citizenship yet they stop working as they can not carry out in the test. A little bit of study can help you make it through citizenship test.

If you pass the test and satisfy the other requirements for citizenship also, you will be welcomed to a citizenship ceremony where you will take the oath of citizenship and get a certificate of citizenship. People require to bring all their relevant files to the ceremony. All of the initial immigration files and irreversible resident card requirement to be produced.

At the citizenship ceremony, you accept the rights and obligations of Canadian citizenship. The event is presided by a citizenship judge and lots of people take oath together. As soon as you take the oath, you are a resident.