The OMC stringer drive had a negative credibility for being prone to breakage as well as being tough to fix. It was not that OMC could not construct an excellent drive, but they did not wish to get involved with license violation. The round gear layout was substandard to the u-joint drive, and also the rounds gears would certainly wear out after 200 hrs. OMC suppliers got to the point where they would not also absorb a Stringer drive on a sell even if they sold it to the owner. However many individuals who purchased them really did not recognize any better, OMC had a very good dealership network (at least around here) and had numerous loyal consumers for their superior outboards.

After the patents ended OMC was free to bring out the Cobra drive which to me transcended to the Merc Alpha drive of the period. Boat outdrive repair videos Sadly teething problems with the change cable did not help things for OMC. The Gears were never ever a problem although they initially declared that several of the equipments were defective.

Most people do not intend to acquire a product of a business that is no longer in company, although there are parts readily available for the Cobra drive. New, made use of, and aftermarket. This is not even a factor to consider for me as I can get any part I need for my drive. My friend has a model-T Ford and can get parts for it simple. The Merc 470 has lots of parts NLA also. Not exactly sure concerning older Merc drives, but I expect the exact same for them. If I was provided an option between two watercrafts the very same cost, in the same problem one with a Merc as well as one with a Cobra I would take the Merc. If the Cobra was in terrific condition and the Merc well utilized I would take the Cobra.